Elephant in the Room

Elephant In The Room
Featuring Music by: Marker Starling Tania Gill
Conversations with: Tania Gill Brooke Jamming Tamara Lindeman
Hosted by The Weather Station

What you cannot feel – you cannot protect.

Most of us have a callus of sorts formed over the words ‘climate change’ or ‘greenhouse gas emissions’. And how could we not? This is a callus of necessity – many of us cannot remember a time when this slow moving crisis wasn’t looming, in some way, over our world and our futures.

But how does it feel, really, to live in climate crisis? How does it feel to be born and raised into crisis? How does it feel to raise children in this crisis?
How has this affected our communities, our hearts, our connections to each other, our thoughts?
And what can we do now?

We want to make space in our community and friendship group to talk about loss, hope, and action around the climate crisis, as well as listening to and celebrating music.

Let us summon this elephant into the room and spend some time observing it, touching it, and truly seeing it.
Looking directly at the climate crisis is difficult. But looking at it also brings great opportunity – to slough off old arguments and old ideas, and forge new paths.

This will be a series.

We are unaffiliated with any group or organization.

JUNE 6th Program:

Tania Gill – Music
Tamara Lindeman – A quick catch up on the science
Brooke Manning – On grief & loss
Tania Gill – On her journey to activism
Marker Starling – Music

Hosted by The Weather Station
Poster image by Alicia Nauta

The June 6 event will raise money for Climate Justice Edmonton
Newly elected Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has pledged to build a 30 million dollar ‘War Room’ to ‘fight’ against environmentalists and climate activists.
Climate Justice Edmonton is a small group fighting for a just transition for Alberta.
They are raising funds of their own for their work, and to protect against the ‘war room’ built by their own government.



Jun 06 2019


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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1184 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario M6H 1N2
The Weather Station


The Weather Station

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