Election 2019

Make This The Climate Election

The key to a Just, Equitable, Sustainable Canada is predicated on addressing our Climate Challenges head on, and implementing widespread Sustainable Solutions. Elect. Climate. Champions.

Election 2019 A Commitment to solve the climate Emergency

2019 October

Week 4

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millenials are the largest voting block.
will that power be leveraged?

Canada's Climate Emergency

This Summer Canada declared a national Climate Emergency, largely due to Canada warming at twice the global average.  Yet most Canadians do not know this has happened, or what that even means. 

With most Climate Conversations being about either pipelines or Carbon Tax, Canada Climate Week provides an opportunity for insight into the incredible solutions being implemented in our great Country, the amazing organizations leading this climate action, and how we can all get involved

Building a Better Toronto

Toronto is striving to be a world leader in climate action, by leveraging its position as a global city, to exemplify what an incredible future we can have when we take this climate crisis seriously and respond comprehensively

Election 2019 is bringing awareness to the sustainable transition underway, and to accelerate support and participation as it paves a pathway to individual, household, community and collective action.

Bring your friends and families to climate events and find out how you can all get involved together. 

4 of the next crucial 11 years will be managed by the Government we elect

Event Access

Canadian Climate Challenge is committed to making it easier to get involved with the organizations fighting for a Sustainable Toronto, and their Climate Actions.  You can follow us year round as we aggregate event access through our site.  Search our Events and Campaigns page to find a climate action suited to you.

Climate Event Reporting

There are important climate actions happening everyday in Toronto, and our media is not living up to the consistent coverage we all need to keep us adequately informed. 

As such Canadian Climate Challenge endeavours to fill this void to the best of our ability.  So Follow us, Support us, Share us and Come join our team.

Want To Boost climate awareness Today to save Our future

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